Instant Results Medispa FAQ

Commonly asked questions regarding Micro-blading:

Q:  How long does it last?

A:  Up to 2 years, please keep in mind everyone holds the pigment differently. We recommend to come in once a year to freshen up the colour.

Q:  Can I have micro-blading done whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

A:  Unfortunately you can not have any tattoos or cosmetic tattooing while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Q:  Do you shave or wax my eyebrow hair off?

A:  We most certainly do not! We simply micro-blade through the hair

Q:  Is Micro-blading different to cosmetic tattooing?

A:  Micro-blading, feather touch tattooing & hair stroke tattooing are all the same procedure, they are all used with a micro-blade to achieve a natural hair stroke look through out the brow.

Commonly asked questions regarding Eyelash Extensions:

Q:   Will it ruin my natural eyelashes?

A:   Not when applied properly and each lash has been isolated correctly to ensure the extensions applied don’t effect the growth of your natural lashes.


Q:   How long do they last?

A:   Eyelash extensions are individually applied to each natural lash, so when your natural eyelashes grow through they fall out at the end of your hair growth cycle (usually 4 weeks), meaning new natural lashes grow through and extensions are applied to the new ones at your next refill, most people need a refill every 3 weeks.

Q:   Can I wear mascara with my extensions?

A:  Unfortunately not, as it mascara is too difficult to cleanse from your extensions leaving the base of your lash line dirty and dirty natural lashes will result in your extensions falling off sooner than your hair growth cycle.

Q:   Can I get them wet?

A:  Yes, you can gently wash your face with water and cleanse your lashes with our cleanser which is safe for your eyelash extensions, the cleaner your natural lashes are the longer your extensions will last!

Commonly asked questions regarding IPL hair removal:

Q:  Does it hurt?

A:  It feels similar to a rubber band flick otherwise we also offer super fast hair removal which just feels warm and is over before you know it!

Q:  How many treatments do I need to no longer have any hair growing?

A:  A minimum of 6 treatments is needed per area to ensure the hair follicle is completely dead and stopped from growing.